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Summer 2021
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10 Minute Play Festival

10 Minute-ish Play Festival Our second annual 10 Minute Play Festival will be held on Friday and Saturday, November 4 & 5, at the Firehouse Theatre in Chapin. The evening will consist of 8 performances selected from blind submissions, chosen from all entries received. There will be a 15 minute intermission. George Dinsmore will emcee the event. More details will be announced soon.

Submissions of short plays or sketches written by local peeps is a great opportunity to see your words come alive on stage. If selected, you will have an option of directing and/or casting your play.

Specific requirements:
  1. Playwright must live in South Carolina.
  2. Play must be no longer than 12 minutes in length
  3. Maximum of 5 characters
  4. Simple production with limited set pieces
  5. Keep it PG 13 or less
  6. Play should be in a "play format" and saved as a pdf. Play title and page number must be written on each page
  7. This is a blind submission, so your name must NOT be written on the script
  8. Only one submission per playwright, so send you're best
Deadline for submissions is August 26, 2022.

If you have any questons, please contact Lou Clyde at

10-Minute Play Festival Submission

Play must be in PDF format

Your play does not meet the requirements for this year's 10-Minute-ish Play Festival


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