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April 26, 2017

Sealed for Freshness Added to Season

Sealed for Freshness

Unfortunately, we are going to have to delay "Mid-Life! The Crisis Musical." Honestly, we had trouble casting men for the roles. It also was difficult getting a pianist that could play the challenging music during the Easter season. So, based on all the interest we have received on this show, we intend to bring "Mid-Life!" to you next year.

Now the difficult job of finding a replacement show in a short time frame. Working with our Director, Artistic Director and Producer for "Mid-Life!" and considering the folks that were cast in it, we are announcing: Sealed for Freshness by Doug Stone. This show is set in the 1960's and deals with the imperfect lives of five women at a Tupperware Party that goes awry. It’s a bittersweet comedy that peels back the curtain of the challenges and joys of these ladies. You will take their journey through the party and come out with a beautiful new reality for each of them. You will laugh, take a deep breath and applaud the outcome.

It's going to be impossible to please everyone set on taking the fun ride through "Mid-Life! The Crisis Musical" but we hope Sealed for Freshness will bridge the gap in our season. To help make up for the unexpected season change, we have decided to allow Madagascar - our family musical performing this summer at Harbison Theatre - to be part of your season membership. Later this spring, I will send you a special access code to reserve two tickets for this show to complement your season membership.

March 18, 2017

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